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Shag Bark Pet Retreat
  • “Thanks to Brian for helping teach an old dog new tricks”

    – Katie Leep (Maxine — Dog)
  • “We continue to be very impressed with all services”

    – Ann Barta (Stanely — Dog)
  • “We Loved coming here for training. Very relaxed atmosphere and felt very comfortable. Brian has a good sense of humor!”

    – Tom and Victoria Coberly (Stella — Dog)
  • “We’ve been coming here for boarding and grooming since Brian took over, and my sheltie LOVES it! She wags her way in the door, greets everyone, and has a fabulous time and looks gorgeous!”

    – Cheryl Silva ( Katy — Dog)
  • “We've been bringing our dogs here for over 20 years. Love this place.”

    – Katie Maki (Mickey — Dog)
  • “Grooming can be stressful for our old dog Tara. She had a great time and looked wonderful!”

    – Sarah Koth (Tara — Dog)
  • “My dog Riggs loves to come here, it's his second home. I know when I drop him off he's always well taken care of and loved.”

    – Karen Barrett (Riggs — Dog)
  • “We have peace of mind bringing Mac here, knowing he is well cared for and has fun. He knows when we turn onto Grass Lake Rd. where we are heading and can't wait to get there. Amazing!”

    – Nancy Miller (Mac — Dog)
  • “So Friendly and accommodating! Refer everyone I know to come here. You're the best! ”

    – Debbie Hart (Molly — Dog)
  • “The staff really love the dogs and seem to know them all personally, my dog loves it here.”

    – Raymond Springer (Jak — Dog)
  • “Zoe loves her friends at Shag Bark. All we need to do is mention “Shag Bark’ or your “Favorite place’ and she is at the garage door ready to go. We can't even talk about Shag Bark unless she is going right then!”

    – Suzie Teal (Zoey — Dog)
  • “Shelby Loves coming here! Thanks for treating her so wonderfully. I'm so thankful for doggie daycare, to let out Shelb's extra energy and let her play with all her friends!”

    – Debbie Prather (Shelby — Dog)
  • “I love that we found a place that treats our baby Madori like the princess she is. Cat's can have a rough adjustment period when you change their routine, but Madori LOVED the vacation. It makes going away so much easier when I know she is getting as spoiled as she would at home, Thanks guys!”

    – Kathleen Burman (Madori — Cat)
  • “I think Rocky likes it here more than home. He never wants to leave. I know he is in good hands at Shag Bark”

    – Joan Richardson (Rocky — Cat)
  • “Awesome Place! You take great care of our Daisy!”

    – Ronald Ludwig (Daisy — Dog)
  • “Very nice staff. I feel that Fritzy is being well taken care of. Thank you!”

    – Heike Bates (Fritzy — Dog)
  • “Brian is the dog whisper he is so great with the dogs!”

    – Sandy Mosak (Max — Dog)
  • “I hadn't been able to break through with any training with Dudley until this class. He wouldn't sit, come, stay, down or heel. Now he does thank you. You have been most helpful.”

    – Carol Malick (Dudley — Dog)
  • “Brian is fantastic with Mia, she has learned so much in the past year from him.”

    – Laura Goecke (Mia — Dog)

Resort Style Dog Boarding

Your dog’s comfort and well being is our utmost concern at Shag Bark Pet Retreat & Spa. Because your dog should have a safe, clean place to board while you’re away, we keep our pet boarding quarters clean, comfortable and as relaxing as possible, while providing many opportunities for exercise. Unless you request otherwise, each pet has his own spacious personal bunk to rest, exercise and play throughout the day.



We understand that selecting a facility to care for your pet is an important decision. Our Basic Overnight Lodging starts as low at $28.00 per night.   We also offer the option to customize your stay with special activities and themed events!

Prices are subject to change without notice.  A 10% holiday surcharge will apply to lodging stays during Thanksgiving Week, Christmas-New Years Week, Spring Break, Good Friday thru Easter Monday and Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

A $50.00  non-refundable deposit may be required during our peak season holidays. 

Exercise and Activities

Since some dogs crave a lot of activity, and others are happy to run for a little bit, and then simply enjoy the fresh open air, we offer a variety of packages for our furry guests including:

  • One-on-one play periods with a personal attendant
  • Group play activities
  • Nature walks
  • Same-family play times
  • Cuddle Time

Our goal is to keep our guests healthy and happy by keeping them engaged in physically and mentally enriching activities. Rates for our one of a kind activities range from $3.00-$15.00.  If you would like to consider multiple activities, read more about our activity packages.

Clean and Comfortable Bunking Area

All of our dog boarding guests enjoy spacious accommodations in our extremely clean bunking facility. To help keep your pet comfortable, safe and healthy, our bunking area floors are epoxy coated enabling us to keep the floors dry and sanitary. All bunks are sanitized twice daily with a pet-safe disinfectant designed for animal environments.

Convenient Potty Breaks

To create an atmosphere as comfortable as a pet’s home, we try to maintain the conditions and routines for which they are accustomed. Chances are your dog doesn’t use the bathroom inside, so we don’t expect him to eliminate in living space. As part of our daily routine, our caring staff takes our dog lodging guests outside for potty breaks five times throughout the day. This provides for more sanitary accommodations, allows for more staff interaction with your loved one, and eliminates health issues associated with dogs refusing to relieve themselves inside.


We take being the next best place to home to heart. We are always adapting and looking for the transition from home to us to be seamless. With that in mind we ask all of our guests to bring their meals from home. This way there isn’t a change that may lead to stomach upset or refusal to eat. We are able to refrigerate, freeze or microwave meals. We only ask that you bag your own dry food in individual serving size bags. We can adopt your feeding schedule up to three meals a day, including snacks and treats.

Required Vaccinations

For the safety and well being of all of our guests, we require that all pets be current with vaccinations.  To mitigate the possible spread of infectious pathogens All veterinary visits must occur at least 7 days prior to arrival at our facility.  If your dog has been exposed to or has been treated for a communicable disease within the past 30 days, a note from a veterinarian providing a clean bill of health is required.  For your convenience, please ask your veterinarian to fax your dog’s records to us or bring them in when you check in. Up-to-date vaccination requirements include:

Dogs (16 weeks and older)

  • Rabies
  • Parvo
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella

Puppies (10-16 weeks)

  • Distemper/Parvo (1st & 2nd Round)
  • Bordetella

Learn More:

Medications and Medical Concerns


Come experience exceptional pet care

We are conveniently located within 10 miles of the following North Eastern Illinois and South Eastern Wisconsin Cities.

  • Antioch
  • Lake Villa
  • Lindenhurst
  • Round Lake
  • Fox Lake
  • Spring Grove
  • Grayslake
  • Gurnee
  • Mundelein
  • Libertyville
  • Great Lakes
  • Zion
  • Waukegan
  • Bristol
  • Genoa City
  • Kenosha
  • Paddock Lake
  • Pleasant Prairie
  • Salem
  • Trevor
  • Twin Lakes