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Shag Bark Pet Retreat
  • “Thanks to Brian for helping teach an old dog new tricks”

    – Katie Leep (Maxine — Dog)
  • “We continue to be very impressed with all services”

    – Ann Barta (Stanely — Dog)
  • “We Loved coming here for training. Very relaxed atmosphere and felt very comfortable. Brian has a good sense of humor!”

    – Tom and Victoria Coberly (Stella — Dog)
  • “We’ve been coming here for boarding and grooming since Brian took over, and my sheltie LOVES it! She wags her way in the door, greets everyone, and has a fabulous time and looks gorgeous!”

    – Cheryl Silva ( Katy — Dog)
  • “We've been bringing our dogs here for over 20 years. Love this place.”

    – Katie Maki (Mickey — Dog)
  • “Grooming can be stressful for our old dog Tara. She had a great time and looked wonderful!”

    – Sarah Koth (Tara — Dog)
  • “My dog Riggs loves to come here, it's his second home. I know when I drop him off he's always well taken care of and loved.”

    – Karen Barrett (Riggs — Dog)
  • “We have peace of mind bringing Mac here, knowing he is well cared for and has fun. He knows when we turn onto Grass Lake Rd. where we are heading and can't wait to get there. Amazing!”

    – Nancy Miller (Mac — Dog)
  • “So Friendly and accommodating! Refer everyone I know to come here. You're the best! ”

    – Debbie Hart (Molly — Dog)
  • “The staff really love the dogs and seem to know them all personally, my dog loves it here.”

    – Raymond Springer (Jak — Dog)
  • “Zoe loves her friends at Shag Bark. All we need to do is mention “Shag Bark’ or your “Favorite place’ and she is at the garage door ready to go. We can't even talk about Shag Bark unless she is going right then!”

    – Suzie Teal (Zoey — Dog)
  • “Shelby Loves coming here! Thanks for treating her so wonderfully. I'm so thankful for doggie daycare, to let out Shelb's extra energy and let her play with all her friends!”

    – Debbie Prather (Shelby — Dog)
  • “I love that we found a place that treats our baby Madori like the princess she is. Cat's can have a rough adjustment period when you change their routine, but Madori LOVED the vacation. It makes going away so much easier when I know she is getting as spoiled as she would at home, Thanks guys!”

    – Kathleen Burman (Madori — Cat)
  • “I think Rocky likes it here more than home. He never wants to leave. I know he is in good hands at Shag Bark”

    – Joan Richardson (Rocky — Cat)
  • “Awesome Place! You take great care of our Daisy!”

    – Ronald Ludwig (Daisy — Dog)
  • “Very nice staff. I feel that Fritzy is being well taken care of. Thank you!”

    – Heike Bates (Fritzy — Dog)
  • “Brian is the dog whisper he is so great with the dogs!”

    – Sandy Mosak (Max — Dog)
  • “I hadn't been able to break through with any training with Dudley until this class. He wouldn't sit, come, stay, down or heel. Now he does thank you. You have been most helpful.”

    – Carol Malick (Dudley — Dog)
  • “Brian is fantastic with Mia, she has learned so much in the past year from him.”

    – Laura Goecke (Mia — Dog)

Dog Training:  Group Classes

Do you want a dog who listens when you tell him to sit?  Do you want a dog who doesn't pull on leash?  Do you want a dog who comes when called?

Maybe your dog has the basics down, but you want to strengthen your bond and provide your dog with additional mental and physical enrichment.

Whether you are looking for a socialization class for your puppy, a canine manners class for your adult dog, or want to provide your dog with a new challenge, we have a variety of classes to fit every canine's needs.  Group classes are a great way to start or continue training in a fun and safe environment with professional guidance.  Our class sizes are small with a maximum of six dog/handler teams in most classes.  This allows us to give you plenty of individual attention as well as the benefit of training with the distractions of the other teams.

All of our classes fall into one of these three categories, each with a different emphasis:

  • Good Dogs:  Classes focus on creating family dogs with great manners, training your dogs to succeed wherever you take them, and solving problem behaviors.
  • Animal Athletes:  Classes are for dogs that have basic training and would like to stay both physically and mentally fit with dog sports such as Scent Work, Rally, and Agility
  • Specialty Classes:  These provide emphasis on specific interests and include workshops and seminars on a variety of topics.

Sign up for one of our classes today to unleash all the potential your dog has to be an awesome family member!

Group Class Offerings:

Good Dogs

Puppy Play & Adventure

S.T.A.R. Puppy

Canine Manners

Impulse To Lead




Please review our Cancellation Policy.

Good Dogs

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is for puppies ages 9 to 16 weeks.  This is the most important class you will ever attend!  Puppies are like little sponges that soak up new experiences and it is critical to use this time to socialize them to people, experiences, and other puppies in a safe environment.  Puppy Preschool provides lots of off-leash play time, socialization with other puppies and humans as well as an introduction to basic behaviors such as sit, down, and come.  The Instructor will cover topics like socialization and healthy play, house training, crate training, chewing, puppy biting, fear issues, puppy management, and proper handling.  General information is also provided on feeding, health, grooming, and the stages of puppy development.  Registration fee for this four week class is $79.00.  Minimum:  3; Maximum:  6 - 10

Puppy Good Neighbor

Puppy Good Neighbor focuses on building foundation for your puppy and includes specific behaviors such as sit, down, stay, and come as well as walking on leash.  The course also includes the framework for responsible dog ownership.  We will be following all the testing guidelines for the American Kennel Club's® S.T.A.R. Puppy® program.  During the final class, those who meet all the criteria will be given test paperwork to send to the AKC along with a small fee.  The AKC® will then provide a beautiful, frameable certificate citing the puppy's accomplishment.  Owners will also receive a medal, a booklet, and more.  Read about the program in this brochure. Registration fee for this eight week class is $179.00 and includes the testing fee.  Minimum:  3; Maximum:  6 - 7

Canine Manners

Canine Manners is for dogs six months and older.  the class teaches your dog the manners that will make her a welcomed member of your family.  We work on all the basic behaviors and we give you a solid foundation about the science of training.  We teach you how to prevent problem behaviors.  Remember, it's never too late to get started.  Yes, you CAN teach an old dog all kinds of new tricks!  Our Canine Manners class is designed to help you get started on creating a well-mannered dog that is a joy to be around.  Behaviors taught include sit, down, come, stay, touch, bed, and walking on leash plus an introduction to heeling.  Registration fee for this eight week class is $179.00.  Minimum:  3; Maximum:  6 - 7

Prerequisites:  Dogs must be friendly with or tolerant of other dogs while on leash.

Canine Good Neighbor

Canine Good Neighbor focuses on responsible dog ownership and ten specific skills (sit, down, come, stay, sitting politely for petting, reaction to another dog, and more) that every well mannered dog should possess.  During the final class, we conduct the American Kennel Club's® Canine Good Citizen® test.  Those who meet all the criteria will be issued paperwork to send to the AKC® along with a small fee.  The AKC® will then send a beautiful, frameable certificate citing your dog's accomplishment.  Read more about it in this brochure.  This class serves as a building block for therapy work.  Registration fee for this eight week class is $179.00 and includes the testing fee.  Minimum:  3; Maximum:  6

Prerequisites:  Canine Manners OR consent of Instructor.  Dogs must be friendly with or tolerant of other dogs while on leash.

Canine Better Neighbor (f/k/a Focused)

Does your dog know a perfect sit...in the living room?  Does your dog know a perfect recall into the kitchen where his food is waiting?  Is your dog a well behaved citizen at home but forgetful of manners when you go out into the real world?  This class is a great way to continue training all the important behaviors (sit, down, recall, walking on leash/heeling, etc.) with distractions to set your dog up for success in every day life.  We focus on attention exercises and distraction work.  We cover the ten behaviors required for the American Kennel Club's® Community Canine test.  Read more about it on this web pageThe test will be given the final night of class.  A minimum of three classes (including the test) will take place off site (within fifteen miles of Shag Bark) Registration fee for this eight week class is $189.00 and includes the testing fee.  Minimum:  3; Maximum:  6 - 8

Prerequisites:  Canine Good Citizen® designation/title OR consent of Instructor. 

NOTE:  Community Canine® is a title issued by the American Kennel Club®.  In order to be eligible, dogs must have a Canine Good Citizen® designation/title on file with the AKC® and must be registered with the AKC®.  All breeds and mixes are eligible. Those interested in the class but not interested in the title may still take the class provided they have met the prerequisites above.


Cancellation Policy

If minimum enrollment is not met two days prior to the class starting date, the class will be cancelled.  Shag Bark will notify students via e-mail.  Class fees will be credited toward another class or service or refunded in full.  Cancellations due to weather conditions will be posted on our Facebook page and students will be notified via e-mail.  There are NO REFUNDS should a student choose to cancel.

Visit our Class Schedule for class start dates and times or call (847) 395-8476 to speak with an Instructor.


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